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Road Tennis is a social sport that can be played by anyone willing to learn this exciting game. 2 players play a game.

- The first player to reach 21 points by a 2-point advantage wins the game.

- A Road Tennis court must be placed on a flat surface.
The court is 20ft long and 10ft wide. It has 2 x 6ft governing lines at both ends. The Net is 8 inches high and 12 ft long.

- All tournament courts should be painted.
The Professional Road Tennis Association's standard court playing area is painted blue with yellow outlining the area There is a 1 foot area outside the yellow lines painted in black.

- A match is officiated by a referee and four lines officials.
The match referee is in charge.
The lines officials are place in view of the line and make the out calls.

- When serving the ball, it must be tossed up and not pulled on to the racket.
A player's foot must not touch the baseline or service line or go outside the serving area.
The ball must land in the server's court and then the receiver court (without touching the net) to be considered a valid serve.
Service is rotated after 5 serves or 1 serve rotations if the game is deuced.
A toss of a coin decides which player serves first.

- The 1st player to reach 21 points by 2 or more points wins a game.
If a game is tied at 20, it is deuced and the first player with a two-point advantage wins the game.

- A point is won when:
The ball lands outside the court with out landing in the receiver's court.
The receiving player strikes the ball before 2 / 3Rules it lands in his/her court.
The ball strikes the net and lands back in the last player to strike the ball court.
The ball bounces twice in the receiver's court.

- The score is called at the beginning of a game and after each point.
A player has 20 seconds after the score is called to serve the ball.
If a player is not ready to receive serve, the player must indicate by show of hand.

- Players must switch sides when the score reaches 10 in Single Game Elimination Tournaments.

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